Privacy Policy

Updated: May 2018

At Faversham House Ltd we are committed to protecting and using your personal data fairly and transparently in accordance with all applicable data protection regulation. As we are the organisation that determines how and why this data is used we are classed as the ‘Data Controller’ for the data we collect.

This privacy notice details the types of data we collect and how we protect, retain and use this information as well as your rights as the data subject. Any changes to our policy will be updated on this page and we will notify you directly of any material changes. For more information or to exercise any of your rights please do not hesitate to contact us directly.



  1. Who we are
  2. How to get in touch
  3. Where do we collect data?
  4. What data do we hold?
  5. On what lawful basis do we use your data?
  6. How do we use your data?
  7. How do we share your data?
  8. How do we protect your data?
  9. How long do we keep your data for?
  10. Your rights

1.0 Who we are

  1. Faversham House Ltd is a progressive, independent UK media company (Controller registration number Z6965596) Our diverse portfolio includes digital and print publishing, exhibitions, conferences and events for professionals working in three markets: utilities; sustainability and visual communications. For more information about our products and services please visit our website.

2.0 How to get in touch

  1. If you need more information or would like to exercise any of your rights as a data subject, please contact us by any of the below details. If withdrawing consent or exercising any of your other rights, please be aware we may need to contact you for additional information.
  2. Our nominated representative for all data processing related queries and requests is:

Tony Longhurst, Data & Insight Manager
Email: [email protected]
Post: Data Department, Faversham House Ltd, Windsor Court, Wood Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1UZ, United Kingdom
Phone: 01342 33 2000

3.0 Where do we collect data?

  1. We collect data in multiple ways including
    • Registration, purchase and other data capture forms hosted on our websites or at events.
    • Via our staff and telemarketing teams or third-part contractors when in contact regarding a sale or registration.
    • Through logged in user activity and via cookies on our websites, for more details please see our cookie policy.
    • Through interaction with our marketing campaigns including email, phone and direct mail.
    • To reach new audiences we will collect data on corporate subscribers, targeted industries and job roles through data research companies, online sources or telemarketing. This data only includes corporate contact details only and as such may be contacted on an opt out basis.

4.0 What data do we hold?

  1. The types of personal data we hold are listed below and will vary depending on the type of registration, purchase or interaction you have with us.
    1. Contact details: for example email address, phone number and direct mail address details.
    2. Company and job demographics: we will ask questions relating to the type and nature of company that you work for and the role and responsibilities you hold within the company.
    3. Registration and attendance: for those who have registered, bought a ticket, or attended one of our events or exhibitions we will record who attended, which event, and the date and time of attendance.
    4. Your preferences: your selected newsletter and communication preferences.
    5. Payment details: where direct payment is taken credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed using 128-bit encryption. Faversham House Ltd does not store unencrypted credit card details.
    6. Website login details and activity: to register on our websites you will be required to create a username (email address) and password. Passwords are encrypted and stored securely on our website platforms. While logged in on our websites we record the time, date and pages you have viewed.
    7. Event dietary information: where food is provided at our events we will ask for any special dietary requirements.
    8. Awards entry details: for those entering an award we ask for specific questions to complete an entry. These can include testimony, facts, figures and financial details of achievements.
    9. Cookies: for more details please view our cookie policy
    10. Researched corporate subscriber data: when researching specific roles and industries we will collect corporate contact details, role, company, and sector information. This data will only relate to corporate individuals working in sectors relevant to our brands.

5.0 On what lawful basis do we use your data?

  1. To process your data, we are required to establish a clear lawful basis for doing so. For more information on the lawful bases on which personal data may be processed please visit the Information Commission Office’s summary. The lawful bases we use to process your data include:
    1. Performance of contract: data processing required to fulfil the terms of a contract you have with us.
    2. Consent: freely given, unambiguous consent that you have given us to process your data. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
    3. Legitimate interest: Where the processing of data is necessary for our legitimate commercial interests we may undertake such activities where it does not outbalance your interests, rights and freedoms. These activities should be in line with your expectations and you have the right to object to this processing at any time.

6.0 How we use your data

  1. The ways in which we process your data and the lawful bases by which we do so are detailed below.
    1. Processing required to provide a service or fulfil a contract
      1. In certain cases, processing your data is required for our products and services to function or for us to be able to deliver the service you have requested. For these processing activities we are operating under the lawful basis of Performance of Contract to deliver on the terms of a contract and Legitimate Interest where the activity is necessary for our services to function. Examples where this occurs include activities such as taking payment, invoicing, delivery, event badge creation, website access control and badge scanning to allow access at our events. This may also include sharing data with third parties, for more information please see How do we share your data?
    2. Profiling your data to develop, personalise and promote our services
      1. Under the lawful basis of legitimate interest, we will profile and analyse your data to help us assess and optimise the performance of our website, events and other products as well as to assist future planning.
      2. Under this basis we will also use your role, company, activity history and submitted job and company demographics to segment our marketing campaigns to ensure you are only contacted for opportunities relevant to you and to tailor our messaging better.
      3. The names, job titles and Company names of all attendees at our conferences and awards will be published in a delegate guide or table plan available only onsite at the event.
    3. Service communications and marketing
      1. We will contact you by email, phone or direct mail where the below conditions apply.
      2. Where you have given direct consent – If you have been asked for and provided your consent for us to contact you we may do by your specified means. This may be to contact you about a specific product or service, or for marketing related products and services depending on the nature of the consent given.
      3. Where you are an existing customer – or negotiating a sale with us, we may contact you about related products and services. You will be offered the ability to opt out at the point of data collection and in all subsequent communications.
      4. Where we may do so in our legitimate Interest – In certain cases we may contact or direct market to you under the grounds of legitimate interest. This includes
        1. Service communications: where you have registered for a product or service we will contact you directly with information pertaining to the service. For example, notice of new speakers at an event to registered attendees, if your magazine subscription is due for renewal or of available benefits to club members.
        2. Direct marketing: direct marketing by phone or post may be conducted where a legitimate interest exists on an opt out basis. Corporate subscribers may also be emailed on an opt out basis. Corporate subscribers are defined as business employees not including companies that are sole traders, partnerships or for those who are self-employed.

7.0 How do we share your data?

  1. We will share your data only in accordance with your preferences or when in our legitimate business interest.
  2. Sharing data with our processors: Your data is shared with our suppliers who operate our databases, websites and other systems to help deliver our events and marketing campaigns. Where this occurs Faversham House Ltd is the data controller and our suppliers are processors operating on our behalf. All our suppliers are required to comply with all with all applicable data protection regulation.
  3. Sharing data in our legitimate interest: In certain cases we may share your data with third parties where we have a legitimate interest in doing so. For example, for our magazine readers we may share your personal data with a third-party auditing organisation (ABC) so they can verify aggregated statistics about circulation and usage of our products or review our policies, processes and procedures for compliance with relevant standards.
  4. Marketing on behalf of third parties: We will contact you on behalf of relevant third parties where you have consented to this type of contact on our registration forms. We will state the categories of companies that we will contact you on behalf of and you are able to withdraw your consent at any time.
  5. Directly sharing data with third parties: We will only directly share data with third parties for their own use where you have consented to receiving contact from the named company. This can be through an opt in on one of our capture forms or in person at one of our events via your event badge being scanned.

8.0 How long do we keep your data for?

  1. We will retain and use your personal data for as long as your account or subscription is active or no more than 3 years from the point of your latest purchase, registration or website login. This retention period is based on re attendance rates at our events, lapsed subscriber returns and the audited length of a free subscription to a magazine.

9.0 How do we protect your data?

  1. We will take appropriate measures to protect your data from unlawful use, unauthorised processing, loss, destruction damage or theft. This includes holding your data securely on our databases with regular backups, firewalls and stringent internal security policies regulating access to your data and its use. If we or any of our processors transfer data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be transferred securely with the correct level of protection applied.

10.0 Your rights

  1. As the data subject you have legal rights. To exercise any of these rights, to make a complaint or for more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  2. Right to Rectification – Where your data is inaccurate or incomplete you have the right to correct and update this data. You can do this by contacting us directly or if you are a website user by updating your account page when logged in.
  3. Right to erasure – If you do not wish for us to hold your personal data you have the right to ask for your data to be erased. We may ask for more information including identification and your full details to enable us to locate your data for its removal.
  4. Right of access – You have the right to access the personal data we hold on you by submitting a data subject access request. We will require identification to enact any request and will subsequently provide your data within one month. We may refuse the request or ask for a reasonable administration fee to be paid for repeat requests or where a request is manifestly unfounded. Where this is the case we will provide full justification for doing so.
  5. Right to withdraw consent – Where you have provided consent to us for processing you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. You can do this through updating your account details when logged in on our website, via unsubscribe links on our emails or by contacting us directly.
  6. Right to object to or restrict data processing – You have the right to object or to request the restriction of any data processing being conducted at any time. In certain cases, we may refuse the request or ask for a reasonable administration fee. Where this is the case we will provide full justification for doing so.
  7. Contacting your supervisory body – If you wish to make a complaint about any of our processing of your personal data you have the right to lodge a complaint to your local data protection authority or contact the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office