Sustainability Policy

Faversham House is a progressive, independent media company with a diverse and compelling portfolio of digital platforms, exhibitions, events and printed publications. We operate in three markets: utilities; sustainability and energy; and visual communications.

We acknowledge that our day-to-day business practices do have some environmental impact and we are committed to managing these. We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen that leads by example when it comes to protecting the environment.

We use our carbon footprint to understand the sources of our emissions, wastes and impacts. These arise from three broad areas: our office and own business practices, running our events and producing our print and digital publications.

We will therefore manage our processes, our materials and our people to reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with our work and contribute to positive environmental improvements. We seek absolute reductions in environmental impacts as well as relative improvements.

Our main environmental objectives are to:

  • Minimise our greenhouse gas emissions to combat the impacts of climate change
  • Reduce our energy requirements and improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce the impact of our transport, by reducing the need to travel and then choosing alternative lower emission transport options where feasible
  • Manage our waste by minimising, storing, recycling and disposing of waste and packaging in a responsible manner
  • Work with our exhibition and conference venues and supply chain to reduce energy and waste
  • Investigate the use of materials, products and components with a lower environmental impact (e.g. recycled, low energy, FSC, reusable etc.)
  • Establish sustainable procurement criteria and encourage our suppliers and contractors to support our objectives
  • Continue to promote environmental best practice to our readers, event delegates and commercial partners enabling them to understand their own environmental impacts and thus make improvements

Our Environmental Policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing objectives, meeting compliance obligations and enhancing environmental performance. It is documented, regularly reviewed, maintained and communicated to interested parties.

Our purpose is to inspire people to make a difference. We understand that sustainability is important to our customers. We reflect these values in our commitment to manage our impacts, sharing best practice through the services we provide and through our own improved environmental performance.

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