Faversham House Event Code of Conduct

Faversham House is dedicated to providing enjoyable, positive, safe and harassment-free events and exhibitions for all participants and our people. This Code of Conduct applies to all, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion. We will not tolerate harassment, assault, or abusive behaviour of any kind towards those attending our events.

Any event participant found to be violating this Code of Conduct may be sanctioned or expelled, without a refund, at Faversham House’s sole discretion.


The use of harassing language or behaviour (including of a sexualised nature) is never appropriate at any event or related social activity.

Examples of harassment include, though are not limited to:

·       Verbal comments or actions related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age, or religion

·       Use of sexual images in public spaces

·       Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following

·       Unauthorised photography or recording, including upskirting

·       Use of sexualised or harassing content in presentations

·       Inappropriate physical contact

·       Unwelcome sexual attention

·       Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviour

Steps to take in the event of an incident

If at any time you are made to feel unsafe or unwelcome at a Faversham House event, or witness this behaviour towards others, please report it as soon as possible to the Organisers or the event security team. This will allow us to act immediately and deal with troubling behaviour before it escalates. Our onsite team and venue security are briefed to handle incidents and escalate if required, including removing the perpetrator from the premises.

If you wish to report an incident you experienced or witnessed after the event, please email the event team on [email protected] as soon as possible. You will need to provide us with the name and/or company reporting the incident and with as much detail as you can including a note of the time, nature of the issue and who was involved. This information will be treated in the strictest of confidence except in situations where the behaviour is of a nature requiring involvement of the police.

Dress code at events

All attendees, including contractors and our team are expected to dress appropriately for the type of event. In recognition of the many cultures and nationalities present at our events, attire which is overly revealing, of a suggestive nature, or which could be deemed inappropriate in a business context is not permitted. Faversham House reserves the right to request individuals to change their attire or leave the premises immediately if their appearance is perceived to be offensive to other participants.

Adult content

Material displayed by exhibitors or sponsors at our events must not be of an offensive nature. Faversham House reserves the right to close a stand or clear material that we deem, in our sole opinion, to be offensive. Any associated costs will be charged to the exhibitor or sponsor.

Enforcement at events

Event participants, suppliers, contractors and our team who are asked to cease abusive or harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately. If a participant or group engages in harassing behaviour, Faversham House retains the right to take any actions to maintain a positive event environment for all participants. This includes expulsion of the offender from the event with no refund.

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