Faversham House launches AI generative search engines on media sites

21 December 2023 by Carl Myers

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Faversham House has launched generative search engines on both its media websites. In addition to searching and reading articles, site visitors can now ask questions from the sites and get answers based exclusively on our high quality content.

The service uses a model that is exclusively trained on our content, eliminating the risk of hallucinations or answers based on unreliable source material. It also references the source articles so that users can see exactly where the information comes from and explore for further context.

Generative search is a new technology and we are excited to be providing new and valuable ways for our communities to gain value and knowledge from the specialist content we produce.

The service is currently for our members only, and can be found at the links below, or watch the video for a sample:

Ask edie https://www.edie.net/ask-edie/

Ask Utility Week https://utilityweek.co.uk/ask-utility-week/

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